Electric Vibrating Facial Massager

Item No.: BC210018-BC210021
Different Color Plating.  Makes the skin care product work better.  Easy to use, save time.

Product Size: 2.3cm x 16.2cm (0.91" x 6.38")
  • Absorb the favorite face cream, serum & lotion to a maximum level to hydrate the skin, makes any skin care product work better & faster. 

  • Soften stress lines and relax muscle tissue with therapeutic massage.

  • Exfoliate and detoxify for glowing skin.

  • Travel friendly and clean easily

  • Requires an AA battery (not included)

How to use:
1. Install an AA battery.
2. Clean face.
3. Apply facial care cream.
4. Gently move the device around face to massage skin.
5. Clean massager head after each use.